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Our mission is simple: create delicious, affordable food so you can capitalize on your time with your family.
The Culinary Team at Garnish creates fabulous nightly meals Monday through Friday.  Ready for pick-up between the hours of 3pm-6pm Daily, you could enjoy a Chef-prepared meal TONIGHT!   Bring on school, late meetings and hockey practice...Garnish has you covered! Browse this week's selection of delicious menu options and place your Garnish To-Go order!

*Delivery offered in a 20 mile radius for $8.00
**Please Note, all Dinners To-Go Items are sold à la carte. Proteins are sold separately from sides.
*** For Pickup please change "For:" from ASAP to Between the hours of 3-6 Monday-Friday and Select the pick-up option.
****Being the small business that we are, we only have one driver to make deliveries. Therefore we can not guarantee deliveries will be made upon selected delivery time. However we can guarantee deliveries will be to you by no later than 6pm.
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